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Let’s Talk a Bit More about Copper Piping and Why It’s Great

Last week we took you on a short tour of the materials modern plumbers use for piping. Steel and cast iron are gone, and now we use plastics and copper. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at copper and why it’s used so often for commercial and residential plumbing—and many other uses. Basically, copper is great for many reasons!

  • It resists corrosion: Corroded metal is the major enemy of plumbing systems, since it leads not only to leaks but to an increase resistance to flow inside the pipe and a rise in water pressure. Copper is resistant to most forms of atmospheric and aqueous corrosion, however, which allows it to last far longer than other types of metal and makes the piping more efficient because of the ease of water flow. (There are still ways copper can corrode, however, since it isn’t corrosion proof.)
  • It’s easy to work with: Copper is a lightweight metal that is ductile and flexible. Plumbers have an easier time transporting it, cutting it, and fitting it into place. Fittings are also simple as well, and copper pipes rarely require elbows. All this ease makes copper a much less labor-intensive metal for almost any project.
  • It’s safe: The reduced corrosion means copper pipes won’t put toxic material into fresh water. Copper also resistant to combustion and won’t burn, and that adds an extra layer of protection for a home in case of a fire.
  • It’s thermally conductive: Copper is great for use with hot water pipes because it’s highly thermally conductive.
  • It comes in many sizes: There’s a copper pipe for just about any job, since it comes in numerous sizes.

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