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Can’t I Just Watch a YouTube Video So I Can Fix a Plumbing Problem?

frustrated-man-looks-at-laptopOne of the strange things about residential plumbing is that homeowners often believe they can take on plumbing repair or installation themselves without the assistance of professionals. Few other skilled jobs have such an attraction to the DIY enthusiast—and few other skilled jobs are less suited for DIY!

The YouTube Trap

YouTube is a big part of the problem. Have you ever run into a plumbing issue, such as a tough drain clog or a leaking pipe, and thought, “I could call a professional—but there are professionals on YouTube who can show me how to do it myself for much cheaper”? We hope you didn’t give into the temptation to go with the YouTube video, because the word cheaper is appropriate—you’ll end up with a cheap, inferior repair that will cause bigger problems down the road, including potential water damage.

But there’s more to it than just not being able to copy what a professional plumber does by using an online video. First, you won’t have the tools necessary to get the best job done. A pro plumber always arrives at a house with a van stocked with the best equipment and the knowledge of which tools to use. Second, professional plumbers know the local plumbing, building, and construction codes. DIY work may violate those codes, and this will damage the future value of your home. Third (but not last, we could keep going), professional plumbers are insured. YouTube doesn’t provide you with insurance to cover costs if something goes wrong, either to your house or to you. Licensed plumbers in California are insured to see that you’re financially protected.

To hire professional plumbers in Corona, CA who can get the job done right and who are available 24-hours a day, we’re the people to call. We don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job.

Sweetwater Plumbing serves Southern California, and we’re always open for business!

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