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My Bathroom Has Flooded! What Do I Do?

leaking-pipeNo matter how many precautions we take in our homes, we can’t stop all accidents from occurring. And few household accidents are more alarming than when a pipe or valve breaks in the bathroom, causing water to flood into the room. It’s alarming, and the damage from it is extensive and difficult to repair. When you see flooding in your bathroom, you’ll probably be petrified for a moment and wonder what to do. And then… well, do you know what to do?

We’re here to help with plumbing repairs in Riverside, CA. Here’s some fast advice, followed by some long-term solutions.

Shut off the water!

If the water is coming from a broken feed line connected to the toilet (one of the more common places where flooding may occur) or the toilet is overflowing, turn off the feed line valve. If there isn’t a valve, open the tank of the toilet and pull up the chain to stop the water flow. For flooding coming from sinks, there should be a shut-off valve near the pipes: turn it to the right to cut off flow. In all other cases, the best route is to shut-off the water main to the house. Make sure you know where this valve is: it’s one of the best precautions to take against flooding.

Remove all furnishings and other objects from the floor

There aren’t many freestanding furnishings in most bathrooms, but make sure you have all of them taken out. This can include small cabinets and stands. Remove all rugs as well.

Absorb as much water as you can

Use towels and mops to absorb and blot up excess water. You can also use a wet/dry shop vac (but not a standard vacuum). Wipe down any wooden surfaces in the bathroom, which are most prone to rot from water exposure. To encourage faster drying in the room, open all the cabinets for increased airflow, open up any windows, and turn on the room fan.

Call for professional plumbers

Now that you’ve got the situation stable (or as stable as it can be) call for professional plumbers for bathroom plumbing repair. They’ll handle fixing whatever caused the flooding in the first place so you can have your water service restored. While you’re waiting for the plumbers to arrive, take pictures of the damage; you may need it for insurance purposes.

Arrange for Water Damage Restoration

If the flooding was large enough, it will require professional water damage restoration to repair. Water is invasive and destructive since it seeps into every small crack, opening, and porous surface. It also promotes mold and mildew growth that add to its destructive properties. Water damage restoration experts will handle the damage and prevent further complications. It is especially important to depend on professionals in the case of sewage water damage, which can lead to the presence of dangerous microbes.

Our licensed plumbers are experienced with all types of bathroom plumbing repairs, and they also take care of water damage restoration—and they’re ready 24/7 to assist you. Contact us for any plumbing service you require.

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