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Are Water Pressure Problems Really That Serious?

leaking-pipeWhat counts as the right water pressure covers a wide range. If the water pressure is right, you’ll know it—it just feels “right.” You can shower in it easily, clean up the dishes without problem, and fill up a water bottle quickly without making it overflow.

If you want some actual numbers, the water pressure in a house should be between 40 to 45 psi. Once it moves past 60 psi, it’s too high. Under 25 psi and it’s too low.

You don’t want the pressure to swing too much in either direction—both are problems. You may want to shrug them off and hope that the problem will just fix itself. Sometimes it does, if the source of the problem is a temporary issue at the municipal supply. But if the pressure difference persists, you may have a serious problem in the plumbing that’s causing damage and will lead to bigger trouble.

Low Water Pressure

When water pressure declines, it becomes difficult to do simple tasks like filling up a pot with water or taking a shower. There are several possible sources for this problem:

  • Extensive piping leaks: This is something to be concerned about if you have an older home (pre-1970) that has never had its piping updated. Please have plumbers do leak detection to see if you need extensive repairs or a full whole-house repiping.
  • Water main clogs or leaks: The water main where it runs under your property is your responsibility, not the municipal authority’s. If there is blockage in the water line or a major leak (which will show up as soggy patches on the lawn), you’ll need to have professional plumbers deal with it.
  • Pipe buildup: The pipes in the house may have a large build-up inside them from hard water deposits. The restriction on water flow will cause low water pressure at various fixtures.

If the trouble is from the municipal supply and it doesn’t improve, you can arrange for plumbers to install a pressure tank fix it.

High Water Pressure

Pressure over 60 psi is considered too high for household plumbing. You’ll not only notice water coming out of fixtures too hard, you’ll probably hear knocking from the plumbing.

High water pressure usually comes from the municipal system. You can have it fixed, however, with the help of professional plumbers. The plumbers can put a pressure regulator on the water main to lower it below 60 psi to around 50 psi.

High pressure is damaging to the plumbing system. It can ruin appliances, cause pipes to leak, and other troubles. These troubles may not happen immediately, but over a few years the damage can be extensive and cause multiple failures close together. So don’t decide to just “live with” high pressure water from your fixture. Call for a professional plumber to install a pressure regulator.

Your Southern California Plumber

We can handle your plumbing in Riverside, CA, no matter what’s wrong with it. We’ll diagnose your water pressure issues, find out what’s wrong, and have it fixed. We’re always here to help—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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