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A Guide For What NOT To Put Down Your Drains

bubbling-drainA clogged drain can be an incredible inconvenience. Whether it is a bathroom sink, the bathtub, or the kitchen sink, a clogged drain has the power to grind your whole day to a halt. You have to get it unclogged to use that sink and, if you need to use that sink too, it means you have to wait until things are fixed.

Like we said, clogged drains aren’t fun but they are preventable. There are plenty of things that the average person tries to wash down the drain that simply don’t go there! Knowing what not to put down your drain can save you a lot of headaches. And, if you still encounter clogs down the road, don’t stress-just reach out to us for drain cleaning in Pomona.

5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

There are plenty of things that get washed down the drain that really shouldn’t be allowed there in the first place. This is because they increase the chances that you’ll have a clogged drain in the near future. Here are some items to keep out of your drains:

  1. Fats, oils, and grease: First and foremost, don’t put these three things down the drain. Fats, oils, and grease, also referred to as F.O.G. are all going to cause problems for your drain. While they might be liquid when warm, they will coagulate when they cool. This allows them to line the side of the drain pipe and catch other substances leading to the creation of a clog.
  2. Hard peels or pits from fruits and veggies: Can you eat that peel or chew through that pit? No? Then it really shouldn’t go down your drain. While softer fruit and vegetable peels are fine to go down the drain, it is best to throw the harder ones away. They can mess up your garbage disposal and clog your drains too.
  3. Eggshells and coffee grounds: While they might seem problematic, eggshells and coffee grounds can increase the chances of a clog forming in your drain. This is because these items get stuck easily and, in the case of those coffee grounds, they like to stick to the sides of your drain. It is better to throw these items in the trash. Alternatively, these are great to toss into a worm bin or compost bin if you have one!
  4. Hair: Have you seen those drain covers that sit in the bathtub or over a shower drain? There is a reason they are there. Hair, while it is organic, is a big problem causer for your drains. Hair can get stuck easily and tangle up with other hair and soap which will form those lovely (we’re kidding) shower drain clogs that you have to yank out.
  5. Inorganic materials: Last but not least, don’t wash anything inorganic down the drain. Wrappers, paper, bits of plastic, small toys, etc. aren’t items to try to wash away.

Even if you do your best to keep your drains clear of these items, you may still encounter stubborn clogs down the road. If that happens, reach out to our team to get things clear again.

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