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6 Water Saving Tips To Consider This Summer


California is knee-deep in another drought season which means it is all hands on deck to reduce water use. We know that most people have become pros at minimizing their water use. But is there more that we can do? There might be!

We are locals too which means we are on board with reducing water use. To help, we’ve compiled a list of things that you may not have thought of to help lower your water use.

Try These 6 Ways to Save Water This Summer

We would suggest taking some of these ideas into consideration to help you save additional water this summer and beyond.

1. Only run your sprinklers after the sun sets

Water evaporation is understandably faster when the sun is out and the heat is high. That is why it is best to run sprinklers or water your plants after the sun sets. This allows the water to soak in and can help you use less water on your plants to keep them alive throughout the season.

2. Consider drought-tolerant landscaping

Drought-tolerant landscaping involves the replacement of plants that require large amounts of water to survive with those that can survive with far less. Replacing a large grass lawn with a nicely designed succulent garden or even local plants that are more likely to handle drought seasons with less help can save you gallons a day. In fact, you may even get rebates for making your landscaping more drought tolerant.

3. Look at upgrading your faucets and figures to low-flow ones

A low-flow fixture like a showerhead or a low-flow faucet can help[p cut down on your water use by a lot. These appliances are made to still offer effective water flow for whatever you need to do while also minimizing the amount of water you use. You can explore some low-flow options on sites like or your can talk to our plumbers for suggestions.

4. Look into a tankless water heater

In the market for a new water heater? Talk to your plumber to see if a tankless system might be right for you. Since these systems only draw on your water supply when you request hot water they use gallons less water than a standard storage tank system.

5. Know what the signs of a leak are

Addressing a leaking pipe promptly can help ensure you save anywhere from 700 to 14000 gallons a day! Watch out for any warning signs of a leak such as the sound of running water with a source, high water bills, or weak water pressure. Knowing the warning signs can help you get to a leak sooner and lose less water.

6. Keep showers short

We all love a long shower at the end of a hot day or a nice shower to kick the day off. However, there may be a chance to save water if you shorten your shower time a bit. Dropping that 15-minute shower down to 10 minutes or less saves gallons a week.

The EPA estimates that the average showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons a minute so a 5-minute difference saves a noticeable amount of water. It can even be helpful to sing in the shower to help you keep track of how long you’ve been in there (plus the acoustics are great!)

If you need a plumber in Ontario, CA to address a leaking pipe, upgrade a plumbing system or another service that can help you save water, you can trust the plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing to help. Contact us today to get started.

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