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5 Ways to Tell You Have a Leak

pipe-copper-leakingWhen you come home the last thing you really want to deal with is a puddle on the floor. Even if it isn’t courtesy of Fluffy the dog, a puddle or pooling water anywhere in your home isn’t a good thing because it could be coming from a leak in your pipes.

While there are some leaks that are easy to spot, such as a leak in the pipes under the kitchen or bathroom sink, others may be a bit more well hidden. This is why it is important to keep your eyes, ears, and even your nose) alert for potential indicators that you have a leak on your hands.

If you aren’t sure what to look for, we have some ways to identify if you have a leak in your home. We suggest you make a call to get plumbing repairs if you notice even one of these signs.

How To Tell You Have a Leak

Whether you think you have a leak or not, it is good to know what some of the indicators are so that you can catch a leak sooner than later and control the amount of damage it causes. Five signs of a leak that you should know are:

High Water Bill

Have there been arguments around the house lately where everyone is trying to figure out who has been take a two-hour long shower? We may be able to help you out by letting you know that the increase in your bill is probably from a leak instead of an overly clean family member.

Noticeable Mold or Mildew

Unless you live somewhere with consistently high levels of humidity, it is less than likely that you will simply have mold or mildew growing in random areas of your house. If you see mold or mildew outside of your bathroom it is likely a sign of a leak.

Damage to Your Floors or Ceilings

If you have said the words, “Where did that crack come from,” or “Did we always have that warping in the floor,” chances are that you have a leak on your hands. Over time, leaking water will do damage to ceilings, walls, and floors with the damage becoming more costly the longer it goes on.

A Meter That Always Runs

Have you noticed that your water meter is running even if you are the only one home and you know there is no one using a faucet? We promise it isn’t a ghost, it is actually because of a leak.

A Musty Scent

Standing water will start to smell over time. Go check out an area that collects water after rain and you will know what we mean. If you come home and you feel like that smell came with you, it is because you have standing water somewhere within your home due to a leak.

Call in the Plumbers!

If you are in need of leak detection or other services for your plumbing in Montclair, CA, make sure you reach out to the pros at Sweetwater Plumbing. We are available for all of your plumbing needs and can find and fix your leak in a timely manner.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing to schedule your appointment today. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! 

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