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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

plumbing-toolsThere are few areas of home service that more people think they can handle on their own than plumbing. “Plumbing’s not that hard!” they think as they look over all the plumbing wrenches and other tools for sale at hardware and home improvement stores. Even for people who would rather not do the plumbing work themselves often believe hiring non-professionals is just fine—and they’ll save money.

But plumbing isn’t easy. It requires licensed professionals to handle most jobs more difficult than changing the washers in a faucet. Below are five reasons to call for pro plumbers before calling an amateur or picking up the wrench yourself.

#1. Professional plumbers are trained and licensed

Plumbing is a major vocation, and it takes years of training to become adept at it to the point where a plumber can solve almost any problem in a home. Plumbers must have a state contractor’s license to prove they’re professionals. You can ask your plumber for proof of licensing to make sure you have an individual with the best training.

#2. Professional plumbers have the right tools and can use them

Yes, those tools at the big box store or at online retailers look pretty nifty. Professional plumbers use many of those same tools. But there’s an important difference: they also have special tools that aren’t easily available at the consumer level and are prohibitively expensive. Even for the more common tools, plumbers have the expertise to use them correctly. Just picking out the right sized wrench takes special know-how.

#3. Professional plumbers offer emergency services

Fast action is critical for many plumbing jobs, such as a broken pipe that starts pouring water into a house or a complete loss of hot water. Neither DIY nor amateur plumbers can move fast to have such problems fixed in time. Not all professional plumbers offer 24-hour emergency service, but when you rely on one that does, you won’t have long to wait before the trouble is resolved and your plumbing is back to normal.

#4. Professional plumbers deliver permanent solutions

A licensed plumber doesn’t look for the quick fix answer to plumbing troubles such as leaks or high water pressure. A professional plumber plays for keeps, providing solutions to plumbing issues that last for years. For example, a plumber won’t only unclog your sink, but also use drain cleaning tools to make sure the clog doesn’t come right back.

#5. Professional plumbers can tackle many tasks

This is connected to training: licensed plumbers are able to take on many different types of plumbing jobs, ranging from basic leak repairs to whole-house repiping. Plumbers bring knowledge of many tasks to each job, and they can use this broad knowledge to quickly track down the source of issues or to devise the ideal solution.

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