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3 Ways to Handle a Clog

Clogs, whether in the sink or in the tub, can be annoying. Whether you are preparing dinner, taking a shower, or getting the dishwasher ready, a clogged drain can be difficult to deal with. Not to mention, dealing with a clog takes time and costs money. Let’s not forget about the smell too! Here are three ways you can take care of a clog in your home.

1. Using a Plunger

The first step to unclogging a shower or kitchen is to pick up a plunger. Get a rag or paper towel to stop the overflow valve in the sink. This will impede water from going into the clogged sewer pipe.

The next step is to fill your sink with water up to an inch. The water allows the plunger to work more efficiently on the drain. After filling up the water, place the plunger right on top of the drain and carefully move the plunger up and down. This will pressure and remove the object blocking your sewer pipe. Check if the water has flushed down to know if you have been successful in unclogging your toilet. If so, then clean the food or other materials out of the drainage pipe. In case the drain is still there, repeat the plunging process until you are successful.

2. Using a Drain Snake

A drain snake is a cable slightly smaller in diameter than your drainpipes so that it can fit in and clean the clog. Begin unclogging your kitchen, basement, or shower by inserting the snake a couple of inches down the drain. Using the handle rotate the auger head in the sewer pipe. If the auger head is stuck, you have reached the point of the clog.

After finding the clog, keep spinning the handle of the drain snake. This will eventually take apart the thing blocking your sewer pipes. If the handle gets easier to rotate, it means you have removed the clog. Finally, pull the cable out take out any food or other materials. Then, allow hot water to run for a couple of minutes to ensure the clog has been removed.

3. Cleaning the Drain Trap

A straightforward and effective way to unclog a drain in your home is to disassemble the drain trap and clean it. To protect your cabinets from potential water damage, place a bucket under the sink before taking out the drain trap.

After securing your kitchen from any water damage, slowly remove the pipe’s nuts using a wrench. After dismounting the nuts, use your hands to detach the drain trap from other pipes and shake the u-shaped pipe over the bucket to get out food remains or other objects. You can also employ a tiny brush or your fingers to remove the materials stuck inside the pipe. If you plan on using your fingers, then make sure to have gloves on. After cleaning, run hot water through the pipes to remove any additional pollutants. Now connect the drain trap to the piping system using your wrench and run some water in the sink to check if the clog has been taken care of.

If your clog is a bit deeper and you can’t resolve it on your own, it’s time to call a plumber!

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