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3 Signs You Have a Leak in the House

pipe-copper-leakingLeaks are a pain to deal with. From the loss of needed water to the potential for water damage in the home, there are plenty of issues that a leak can cause.  And those issues will get worse the longer a leak is allowed to go without being addressed. It probably goes without being said that prompt repair to leaking pipes is in everyone’s best interest.

Here’s the problem though–it is pretty hard to tell when you have a leak in a  pipe that you can’t see. So how in the world are you supposed to figure out if you have a leak before it becomes overly obvious–and expensive? Watch out for some of these common indicators that there is a leak in your home and reach out to a plumber in Fontana as soon as you notice them.

3 Signs of a Leak In Your Home

What are the signs that you have a leak in one or more of the pipes in your home? If you don’t know these three key indicators already, it is time to brush up!

  1. The sound of running water. Keep your ears on the alert! You may notice the sound of running water in your home. If there is no reason for water to be pulled through your pipes (i.e. no one is using any faucet or shower) then there is a strong chance of a leak that is allowing water to escape.
  2. Your water meter is running. Your water meter is meant to let you know how much water you are using up. But if there is no faucet, shower, or other plumbing appliances in your home in use but the water meter is moving actively, then you likely have a leaky pipe. This is essentially a  way to see your money being wasted!
  3. Water pressure is weak. When you do turn on your bathroom faucet or you go to take a shower, you’ll want to take note of any changes in the water pressure. Weakening water pressure may be caused by a leaky pipe allowing water to escape into your walls or floors.

I Have a Leak…Now What?

Have you noticed any signs of a leak? Or maybe things have progressed and you already have water spots or water damage to show for that worn-out pipe. Even if you only suspect that there is a leak in your home it is best to contact an expert plumber like ours for leak detection and repair services.

The services we offer will solve the problem at its core. We can find even the smallest of leaks in your home. And we can provide repairs that provide a long-term solution to the leak by fully sealing it or by replacing the portion of pipe that is no longer up to the job. Our team can be your go-to resource for any plumbing issue you have.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact the pros at Sweetwater Plumbing to schedule an appointment today.

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