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3 Signs That Indicate You Need To Repair A Leak

leaking-drain-pipeThe holiday season is finally over and we are all settling back into our regular routines as best we can. Your plumbing pipes and drains are likely to have seen some extra action over the past month or two. IF you have pretty new plumbing, this isn’t a big concern. However, if you are in a home with older pipes, you may be a little nervous that all the extra activity may have been the final straw that started an avalanche of plumbing issues.

We want you to start out the year with the peace of mind you deserve to have. Most commonly around this time, people are likely to discover pipes in their homes have sprung a leak…or two. This isn’t good news of course but the fact that we can help find and fix that leak should be a relief. All you need to do is contact us to get started on fixing those leaks.

Do You Have a Leak? 3 Indicators That the Answer is “Yes!”

Modern pipes are built to last for a good long while. However, extra strain and stress will take their toll on these parts of your plumbing. The most common result: a leak. After a season of extra food prep, extra hand washing, and maybe even some extra showers during Grandma Betty’s visit, there is a chance that, if your pipes had seen their fair share of use before, they may really be feeling the strain now.

If you suspect that your pipes have finally had enough and started leaking, the sooner you contact a professional plumber in Santa Ana, the better it will be! Here are some of the indicators that you need to pick up the phone and schedule leak detection ASAP:

  1. There is a drop in water pressure: If you have a leak in any of the pipes that provide water to faucets or other appliances in your home, it will impact water pressure. If one or more water-based appliances have a noticeably lower water pressure than before, it is a strong indicator of a leak.
  2. You notice your water meter never stops running. If you suspect you have a leak, your water meter is likely going to help you really figure it out. Make sure that no one is using the sink or in the shower. Go check your water meter and take note of whether or not it is showing use of water when there isn’t any need for it. If there is unwarranted activity, it is likely that there is a leak.
  3. There are watermarks or damp spots in the home. Last but not least, don’t discount any physical signs of water leaks in your home. Have you noticed an odd water mark on one of your walls or felt that part of the cupboard under the kitchen sink feels damp? Physical signs of a leak are worth looking into!

When you need help fixing up your pipes, Sweetwater Plumbing is here to help. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact us today.

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