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3 Indicators of a Slab Leak


Calfornia is in its seemingly endless drought. This is nothing necessarily new for us. However, it is good to remember that we need to do everything we can to use less water. And using less also means wasting less too.

We know that very few people try to waste water around here. However, your household might be letting water go to waste right now without you even knowing it. How? Through a leak! Unseen leaks are some of the biggest water wasters ever, losing hundreds of gallons a day.

A slab leak is especially tricky because it is one of the hardest leaks to detect. This makes it one of the worst kinds of leaks too because it often wastes water for months before it is detected.

Are you wondering if you may have a slab leak? Watch out for these 3 indicators that you have a slab leak under your home so you can call an expert plumber in Santa Ana to get it located and fixed fast.

3 Signs That You Have a Slab Leak

If you suspect you might have a slab leak in your home, you’ll want to make sure you address it quickly. Watch out for these warning signs:

  1. Reduced water pressure in the house: You go to use a bathroom sink and notice that the water pressure coming out is weaker than usual. Then you notice a similar issue from your kitchen sink. These changes can be caused by a slab leak undermining pressure throughout the system.
  2. Increased water and energy bills: You have noticed that there is an increase month to month in both your water bills and your energy bills. This may be due to a leak that is creating an unneeded draw on your hot water heater. If you’ve noticed increases in both of these bills over multiple months, you may have a slab leak to address.
  3. Warm spots on the floor: Another major sign of a slab leak is a warm spot in your floor. This, of course, is a sign of a leak in your home’s hot water pipes. However, it is a distinct sign of a problem that can turn your attention to the presence of a slab leak.

Why Slab Leaks Should Be Handled Quickly

Slab leaks can cause major damage to your home. For starters, a slab leak can create water damage to your home. As things progress, this can increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. If it goes on long enough, a slab leak can undermine and damage your home’s foundation, also known as the slab, hence its name.

Prompt leak repairs can help to prevent these issues from happening.

We Provide Slab Leak Detection and Repair

When you have a leak in your home, whether it is a regular leak or a slab leak, you’ll want to get it addressed quickly, before it creates the damage we described above. Our team can be your resource for slab leak detection and repair to get the issue found and patched.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact Sweetwater Plumbing to schedule your services today.

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