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When Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?

Among the many plumbing jobs that our licensed plumbers perform, drain cleaning is one of the most important. Far too many homeowners often think of “drain cleaning” as something that comes out of bottles purchased at grocery stores, then poured down a drain to cut through a clog. But these “drain cleaners” hardly deserve the name: they’re a brew of caustic materials that only do the minimal work to eat through clogs and can cause damage to piping—as well as to people! Real drain cleaning is a professional process that uses special tools such as motorized drain augers and hydro-jetters.

When You Need Drain Cleaning

There are two types of professional drain cleaning: reactive and proactive.

  • Reactive drain cleaning is when you have an immediate problem with one or more of your drains. They’re either draining slowly or they aren’t draining at all. If you have a sink plunger, we recommend you try using that first to see if it will clear out the clog. If that doesn’t work, then call our plumbers. We’ll take care of the necessary drain cleaning to solve the issue using top-quality tools. If there are multiple clogs in your home, it may require more extensive work, and the issue might even be located down in the sewer line.
  • Proactive drain cleaning is a preventive maintenance measure done to clean up the pipes before the clogs happen. Too often, people neglect this service and believe that the drainpipes will always be fine unless a large object accidentally falls down one. But the gradual build-up of hair, grease, oil, soap scum, and more will eventually make clogs a common problem. We recommend that you have drain cleaning done every year. It’s worth it to be rid of the hassles of clogs, slow drain, bad smelling drains, sewer flies, and many other problems. Your pipes will last longer as well!

To schedule drain cleaning, either to fix a problem or for regular maintenance, just call Sweetwater Plumbing. We service Riverside and throughout Southern California.

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