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Warning Signs of Sewer Line Problems

sewer-manhole-coverYou don’t want to have any part of your home’s plumbing system develop leaks or breaks, of course. But problems in the sewer line are especially troublesome! This is the pipeline responsible for removing the collected wastewater from the drains around the house to the municipal sewer system running down the center of the street. If the sewer line becomes clogged, starts to leak, or breaks, it can mean unlivable conditions in your home.

Fortunately, if you notice early warning signs that the sewer line is in trouble, you’ll know that it’s time to contact licensed professional plumbers. Repairing a sewer line is a large job—one of the largest a plumbing contractor can do for a home—but in the hands of people with the best training and equipment, the work can be done quickly and with minimal interruption to your house.

Some of the warning signs to watch for:

  • Soggy, foul-smelling patches on the lawn: When a sewer line breaks or suffers from leaks, wastewater will rise up and emerge onto the ground of your property. If you notice sewer-odors from your lawn or garden and find soggy patches, you almost certainly have a damaged sewer line in need of immediate repair work.
  • Drain clogs all around the house: A single clog in a drain is usually a minor problem that can be solved with drain cleaning. But if you’re noticing drain clogs occurring all around the house in different drains, it means that there is something wrong deeper down in the drainage system. Professional plumbers can use tools like video pipe inspection equipment to find out what the exact problem is—such as a sewer line in need of cleaning or larger repairs—and then take care of it.
  • Bad smelling drains: When you notice sewer odors rising up from a drain, it might be due to a dried p-trap. Run water down the drain to restore the plug of water in the p-trap that prevents sewer gases from rising up the drain. But if these bad odors are coming from multiple drains, it might mean that sewage is starting to back up because of a clogged or broken drain.
  • Mold growth in the crawlspace: A damaged sewer line will start to create damp conditions in the lowest part of the house. California homes rarely have basements, so this problem will manifest in the crawlspace under the house as mold growth.

A reminder: Yes, the sewer line is your responsibility as a homeowner, not the utility company. The stretch of pipe from where it exits the house to point it crosses under your property line is something you have to fix yourself. Well, not fix it yourself exactly: you have to call on a plumbing contractor to fix it for you.

The moment you believe you need service for your sewer line in Riverside, CA, we’re the licensed plumbers to call. We use the best in trenchless technology to ensure the job is done fast and without creating a huge mess across your property. We’re always open for business, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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