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Trenchless Technology: Fixing a Sewer Line without All the Digging

One of the most important services that we provide to homes in Southern California is trenchless sewer line repair and replacement. Trenchless technology is a way to work on buried sewer lines without the need to tear open the property around a house. When most people think about working to repair a sewer line, they’ll envision power digging equipment ripping open a long trench to reach the pipe, making the outside of a home look like an archeological dig for days at a time. Our trenchless technology eliminates this mess and finishes the work in only a fraction of the time—often in mere hours.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Trenchless technology does require a small amount of digging, even though it is sometimes referred to as “no dig” technology. But this excavation work only involves digging out one or two small holes to reach the ends of a sewer pipeline.

Once the plumbers have accessed the end points of the sewer line, they attach a hydraulic system onto one of the ends. From the other end, they slide in a pipe reliner. In cases of replacing the entire sewer line, the plumbers can insert the pipe reliner in through where the line enters the home, getting rid of the need to dig a second hole.

Once the pipe reliner is inside the sewer line, the hydraulic system pulls it all the way through the existing pipe and sets it in place. A special pipe-burster is then pulled through the sewer line. The burster presses on the liner, expanding it and causing the old pipe to shatter. The reliner effectively replaces it as the new pipe. The plumbers only need to fill in the one or two holes and re-landscape them, and the job is finished. No huge trench marks and no time wasted!

Not all plumbers offer trenchless sewer line service. Make sure you contact our team whenever you need sewer line repairs or a new sewer line for your home, and we’ll put the best in trenchless technology to work for you.

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