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How to Tell Your Toilet Needs Professional Plumbing Repairs

What is the most essential piece of plumbing in your house for day-to-day living? There isn’t a single right answer… but if your first thought was “the toilet,” then you definitely understand you can’t afford to have this part of the plumbing system fail on you.

Not only is the toilet essential for daily life, it’s also the biggest consumer of fresh water in a home. Around 40% of indoor fresh water goes to the toilet flushes. So if the toilet is in need of repair work, it’s not only creating a huge inconvenience, it can also be a tremendous waste of water.

We bring this up to encourage you not to ignore any signs that the toilet needs repairs. Below are signs you shouldn’t shrug off—call our plumbers right away for bathroom plumbing service. We’re always open for business.

  • Poor flushing: Is your toilet just not getting done what it needs to get done on the first flush? It’s wasteful of water to have to use multiple flushes, but it also points toward possible water flow issues or clogging in the water jets. This might also be an issue with an aging toilet that’s ready to be replaced.
  • Leaks of any kind: We can’t emphasize this enough, but any leak from a toilet, indications of water pooling around the toilet, needs to be looked into. There’s just no such thing as a “minor” toilet leak; the smallest leak will worsen, and the water accumulation creates damage that can be difficult to remediate. (In case you do need water remediation, we also provide this service.) There are a number of places where leaks can occur, and our plumbers will locate the source and find a way to fix it.
  • Odd sounds from other bathroom drains: When you flush the toilet, you may hear gurgling and sucking noises coming from the sink and shower drains. Why does this happen? It often means something deeper down in the drainage system is wrong, such as blocked drain vents. These vents allow sewer gas to escape up through openings in the roof so pressure doesn’t build up in the pipes. If these vents are blocked, flushing the toilet will force the sewer gases up the next available route—i.e. the closest drains. This requires plumbers on the job right away.

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