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Is a Professional Plumber Necessary for Hydro-Jetting?

plumbers-toolsYou can rely on a licensed and professional plumber in Corona, CA to handle any service you may need to repair, upgrade, or maintain your home’s plumbing. You’ll have a hard time finding a wider range of plumbing services in Southern California than what we offer: everything from basic fast fixes to full trenchless sewer line replacements.

But we hear what you’re thinking: “Do I need a professional for every plumbing job?” Maybe you think you can get by with some tools and an online guide. Or perhaps your friend knows a guy who says he can get those drains cleaned super-cheap. We’ll admit that there are some simple fix-ups you can do yourself, like putting in a new washer for a faucet. But anything more complex must be left to a licensed plumber with the right tools—yes, even if you go buy the tools yourself!

Hydro-Jetting Is a Good Example

Looking at the question in the title, why can’t you purchase a hydro-jetter and take care of regular drain cleaning jobs and unclogging on your own? Or have the guy your friend knows who has a hydro-jetter do it? There are some solid reasons to ­never (and we mean never ever) allowed anyone except a trained and licensed plumbing professional use a hydro-jetter to clean your drains.

  • Cost: A hydro-jetter isn’t some device like a hand-crank drain snake you can pick up from a local supply store. These are professional-grade devices that even at the lowest price are around $3,000. You probably won’t get enough use out of it to pay back the cost—and that’s before we consider all the other reasons not to go DIY with hydro-jetting.
  • Insurance: But what about Steve, your friend’s friend who has a hydro-jetter? If he’s not a professional with a license, then he’s not insured. If Steve suffers an injury (you know how Steve is) while working on your plumbing, you can be liable for the damage. Professionals have the insurance to keep you protected.
  • Safety: It’s not that Steve is clumsy … it’s that hydro-jetting is potentially hazardous in untrained hands. (Okay, maybe he’s clumsy too.) The high-pressure water blasted out of the nozzle on a hydro-jetter is powerful enough to injure people. Think of it this way: the most powerful hydro-jetting equipment can be used to cut through steel!
  • Wrong equipment: Speaking of powerful, an important part of hydro-jetting is ensuring the right power of equipment is used for the job. Using a hydro-jetter with the potential to cut through the pipes—that’s bad! Professionals won’t make this kind of mistake.
  • Speed: Wouldn’t you like the drain cleaning over and done with, no fuss, no mess? Professionals take care of jobs fast while doing them right. Doing drain cleaning any other way is a hassle on top of all the other problems we’ve listed.

There shouldn’t be any doubt now: if you need drain cleaning with the complete power of a hydro-jetter—and it’s the best way for thorough drain cleaning—don’t go buy one yourself, and don’t  let the guy your friend’s cousin’s knows do it either. Go straight to the experts who have the equipment, licensing, and experience to do it right. You’ll save time and money and stay safe.

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