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Drain Cleaning: Why We Like Hydro-Jetting!

tapwater-running-down-drainDrain cleaning is an important plumbing service for residential and commercial buildings. Drain clogs are common hassles everyone expects to run into at some point, and drain cleaning from professionals is the best way to get rid of the tougher of the clogs that don’t react to standard plungers. (Please never pour chemical “drain cleaners” down your drains! They don’t work well and can damage the drainpipe.)

But drain cleaning is also a great preventive measure for plumbing. Our plumbers use special equipment to clean the drainpipe walls of the build-up or organic material and minerals that eventually create clogs as well as increased pressure inside the pipes. There are a number of different tools we put to use to do this job, but the one we favor the most—both for homes and commercial buildings—is the hydro-jetter.

What Makes Hydro-Jetting Great for Drain Cleaning

If you’ve ever used a powerful spray nozzle on a hose with the water flow turned up high, you’ll know how powerful the water blasts can be. If you point it at your lawn, it will quickly start to rip up the grass and dirt underneath. Now, take this concept, make the water pressure much, much, much higher, and find a way to direct it at the inside of your drainpipes—and you’ll have an idea of what hydro-jetting does. Blasts of high-pressure water scour away all types of debris from the pipe walls.

The hydro-jetter uses a motor to place water under pressure, and then sends it out through a long hose that’s inserted into the drainpipe or sewer line. A directional nozzle sends the spray out in all directions so it strikes at all parts of the pipe.

This means comprehensive drain cleaning—and that’s the main reason we like using hydro-jetting. All debris is removed from the drainpipe and flushed down through the pipe to the sewer system, leaving behind a smooth pipe interior. This makes it harder for debris to start building up again. It gives drainpipes and sewer lines a fresh start. And, as long as professionals handle doing the hydro-jetting, the process won’t do any damage to the pipe itself because there’s no need for caustic chemicals. Just water!

We use different sizes of hydro-jetting in our work: a family home won’t need as much power or as long a hose to handle its drain cleaning as a commercial building will. We’ll use the right type of hydro-jetter for your needs, and our plumbers will use the best safety equipment to ensure there’s no harm from the high-pressure water blasts. Whether you’re looking to eliminate a heavy clog or you want to prevent clogs in the future, hydro-jetting from licensed plumbers is one of the best methods available.

We offer service for hydro-jetting in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California, both for homes and businesses. We recommend regular drain cleaning services each year with our plumbers to prevent future clogging and allow your plumbing to work at its most problem-free.

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