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How Often Do I Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

schedule-service-clockRegular drain cleaning is a maintenance service we recommend for all our residential customers. People often only think about doing drain cleaning when they have problems with clogs or foul smells coming from the drains. But routine drain cleaning not only stops these problems, it helps keep the drainage system in good shape and can even extend the life of the sewer line.

But how regularly should you schedule this service?

The answer to this question is that there isn’t a single answer that applies to all homes. Several different factors can determine how much wastewater is going down the drains and what’s in it. The more people in a house, the faster the drains will pick up build-up from hair and food waste products. Older drains will also require more frequent cleaning to avoid trouble developing. (We suggest arranging for repiping services if you have extremely old drain pipes made from outdated material.)

However, most homes should have their regular drain cleaning done on an annual basis. A home that has a much higher volume of use (for example, if there are more than five people living in the house) may wish to have the service done every six months. Our plumbers are happy to assist you with finding out the best schedule for your home’s drain cleaning and then help you stick to it.

If you can’t remember when was the last time you had drain cleaning done for your household plumbing, we suggest getting started with routine drain cleaning now.

To find out more about drain cleaning in Pomona, CA and elsewhere in Southern California, get in touch with our plumbers. We offer drain cleaning and sewer line cleaning. If you are dealing with more serious issues in your sewer line, we can handle repairs and even a complete pipeline replacement with our trenchless technology.

At Sweetwater Plumbing we don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job!

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