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Getting Rid of Drain Flies (Because You Definitely Want To!)

drain-and-spoonYou may have had this happen to you before in your home, or maybe it’s happening now: small flies buzzing around the drains in your kitchen or in your bathroom. Although these flies don’t bite, they’re definitely unpleasant to have around and don’t exactly contribute to the alluring beauty of the interior of a house.

These flies are often known as drain flies or sink flies. They don’t belong to any individual species, and there are over 2600 different species found around the world. Most are tiny, with slightly furry bodies that make them look something like moths. As we mentioned before, they don’t bite humans and aren’t known to carry harmful diseases. But you definitely want these pests out of your home. How do you do that?

First, let’s find out why they got to your drains in the first place

These flies are drawn to moist and wet places, so kitchens and bathrooms are already prime targets for them. Moist towels and water left in sinks or on the floor from spills will make the areas more tempting. If there are food particles around, such as stuck in a drain, or maybe tossed into a wastebasket in a bathroom, this can also bring the flies swarming.

Take away the sources that attract the flies

This is the first step to solving the problem. In the bathroom, clean out the wastebaskets, clean up any pooling water, and take out all the damp towels and replace them. In the kitchen, run hot water down the sink to dislodge food particles that may be in there. Turn on the disposal and let it run for a minute (while hot water pours down it; never run the disposal without water).

If you notice that you have water coming from any leaks, call for a plumber in San Bernardino, CA to fix them. It doesn’t matter how “small” they may appear. This is not only a source of flies, it’s wasting water and potentially causing damage to your home.

Use a homemade “drain cleaning” remedy

Important: we don’t mean commercially available drain cleaners from a store! Pouring these acidic chemicals down drains can harm them, and the fumes are more dangerous for your household than the drain flies!

The remedy we’re talking about is a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. This will kill off flies breeding down in the drains, kill larva, and make the drain generally inhospitable for other flies. You can also use a handcranked drain snake to clear out extra food debris.

Call for professional drain cleaning

If the drain fly problem is coming from deep-down buildup of organic residue in the kitchen drains, the above methods won’t do much good. What you’ll need is a full professional cleaning from a licensed plumber. Only a plumber with pro-grade tools can scour away all the organic buildup in the drains that’s drawn the flies. This residue will also create drain clogs and terrible smells, so it’s a win all around for your plumbing system.

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