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The Flooded Bathroom: Emergency Steps!

closeup-of-surface-of-waterWe’ve sometimes written about emergency plumbing situations and how to handle them, such as when a toilet starts to overflow. In this post, we’re going to address a broader situation, which is flooding in a bathroom, regardless of its source. Because of the large amount of plumbing pipes, drains, and fixtures in a bathroom, it’s the room in a home most likely to experience flooding from a plumbing accident. The flooding can be due to an overflowing toilet, or it might be a broken water supply line or someone who forgot to turn off the bath.

Whatever is the cause, here are the steps to take to mitigate the damage and prevent injuries:

ONE: Shut off the water supply

If the flooding is coming from the toilet, you can cut off the water at the feed line behind the fixture. A valve on the line will stop the water flow. If there’s no valve, open up the toilet lid and rig up the chain so it will cut off the water flow.

If the flooding is coming from elsewhere, you must shut off the water main to the house. The shut-off valve for the household plumbing should be located next to the water meter, with a tool hanging near it you can use to close off the valve. If you don’t know where the valve is, please go locate it now (and make sure other people in the household are aware of it).

TWO: Turn off the electricity to the bathroom

Water flooding through a bathroom can present the hazard of a high voltage shock from wiring and any plugged-in appliance. Go to the electrical panel for the house and shut off the breakers on the circuits for the bathroom. We recommend you label each of the circuits in the panel so you’ll know which ones affect which parts of the house.

THREE: Call for a licensed plumber

With two immediate dangers averted, now is the best time to call up an emergency plumber who offers 24/7 service for repairs. Then, while you’re waiting …

FOUR: Clean up as much water as you can

Standing water in the bathroom will soak into the floor and lead to worse water damage problems. Take a mop, cleaning towels and rags, and buckets to get rid of most of the water. This is also the time when you can put that wet/dry vac to use.

FIVE: Circulate air

To help speed up drying and prevent moisture build-up, open the windows to the bathroom and keep the door open so air can freely circulate. You can also use fans, but make certain they are placed outside of the damp areas in the bathroom.

When you’re ready to call an emergency plumber in Riverside, CA, you can always reach Sweetwater Plumber—24/7. Not only can we take care of plumbing repairs, we also handle water damage remediation.

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open for business: when you have a flooded bathroom, call us for fast solutions. We don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job!

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