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There’s Never a Better Time for Drain Cleaning!

hydro-jetting-cleaning-pipe-diagramIn our last blog, we offered some cautions about how to protect your kitchen plumbing during Thanksgiving. Plumbers are often busy on the day after Thanksgiving handling trouble with clogged drains and broken garbage disposals, but if you follow our advice you should be free to enjoy time with your family over the weekend.

We’re putting this post up a few days before Thanksgiving, and it’s the right time for another reminder: scheduling routine drain cleaning. There is no better time of the year to have this service done for your home, whether you get it done right before Thanksgiving or in the days immediately after.

Isn’t drain cleaning only for handling tough clogs?

That’s only one of the reasons for drain cleaning. Whenever you have a clog in a drain or toilet, or there is a serious problem with blockage in the sewer line, it takes a lot more than a plunger to clear it out. Professional drain cleaning ensure the clogs is removed completely, without any build-up left behind that makes it easy for clogs to start again. (This is one of the reasons chemical drain cleaners are never recommended: they only break through part of a clog, leaving the rest behind to create more clog not much later.)

Drain cleaning is also a preventive and maintenance job, however. The drains in your home need to have routine maintenance the same as your HVAC system and car do. There is build-up developing in drains all the time. It can be due to objects going down the drains that shouldn’t; it can be food particles and fats, oils, and grease sticking to the walls; it can be hair and soap scum; or it can be calcium deposits from hard water. Slowly but surely, this build-up leads to slow drains and eventually to clogs. Some of the material in the build-up, like soap scum, can create damaging chemical reactions with the pipe material.

We recommend annual drain cleaning that will restore the drain pipes to “like new” condition. This means fewer clogs and hassles, and it will prolong the life of an important part of your plumbing system.

Why schedule drain cleaning now?

Because your drains are under an immense deal of pressure at the end of the year from holiday celebrations. If you have drain cleaning done after Thanksgiving, you’ll wipe away plenty of grease and food particles lodged along the pipes. Think of it as cleaning all the dishes—except it’s cleaning for the pipes. You can then enjoy the holidays in December with few worries.


The main tool we use for drain cleaning is safe for drainpipes and is also thorough at removing all build-up and debris. It’s hydro-jetting, using high-pressure blasts of water along the pipe length for complete scouring action.

For drain cleaning in Pomona, CA or throughout Southern California, you only want top plumbers on the job—plumbers who use technology like hydro-jetting to ensure the most complete job possible. We’re the team to call, and we are always open for business!

At Sweetwater Plumbing, we don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job!

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