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Drain Cleaning in the Fall Is Highly Recommended!

cleaning-drain-illustrationSouthern California isn’t at the mercy of seasonal extremes. We don’t have to give you advice about winterizing your home’s plumbing, and the problem of frozen pipes is nothing you’ll need to worry about.

But there are some seasonal jobs that can help your plumbing, and one of them is to schedule preventive drain cleaning for the house in fall—preferably before the end of November. You only have to call a professional plumber in Santa Ana, CA or elsewhere to arrange for the job. (Yes, this job takes professionals. Just pouring caustic chemical solutions down the drains won’t clean them, and it may damage them.)

Why “Preventive” Drain Cleaning?

You may think of drain cleaning as a job done in reaction to a problem like a major clog. This is definitely one of the best reasons to have drain cleaning, since pro plumbers can clear out the clog effectively and without causing damage to the rest of the plumbing. Plumbers aim to remove clogs thoroughly so they won’t quickly come back—which often happens with amateur unclogging attempts.

Preventive drain cleaning, however, is another important service plumbers do. Residential plumbing undergoes an immense amount of stress each year, the drainage system in particular. The same way other systems in your home require routine maintenance to keep them in the best shape, such as your central air conditioner and ductwork, the plumbing needs maintenance assistance as well.

Annual drain cleaning is the most helpful maintenance task. Our professional plumbers use the powerful tools, such as hydro-jetters, to clean all the drains and eliminate the build-up of organic and inorganic deposits that develop over only a year. This reduces the chance of clogs and slow drains. It also prevents damage that can occur because of chemical reactions between the deposits and the pipe material. (For example, soap scum can lead to pipe corrosion.)

But Why Is Fall a Good Time for the Job?

Because your drainage system is about to go through a busy time: the end of year holiday celebrations that make November and December festive but also crowded with guests and feasting in your home. Did you know the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest for professional plumbers? The amount of food waste that goes down kitchen drains can lead to major clogging throughout the plumbing system, and it’s common for homeowners to make emergency calls to plumber for rescue. December can only add to the problem.

We don’t want you to have to interrupt your time with friends and family during this year because your drains have become jammed. Scheduling drain cleaning with a pro team gives you a fresh start before one of the busiest times of the year in your household. The job doesn’t take long and won’t inconvenience you, and the reward is a worry-free end of the year—and good start to the next year!

You can trust our plumbing team. We’re also experts with large scale commercial plumbing, so we have all the finest tools for the job.

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open for business to serve Southern California. Schedule your preventive drain cleaning today.

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