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Chemical Drain Cleaners Aren’t Your Friend

bubbling-drainIt is one of the biggest annoyances that you can encounter. You are in the midst of making a meal and you notice that the kitchen sink starts to back up. Running the garbage disposal doesn’t help so it is time to take more effective measures. If your next step is to break out the chemical drain cleaner we’d like you to reconsider. This route is likely to leave you disappointed.

If you are struggling with stubborn clogs in the kitchen or in other drains in your home, there are better and more effective options than a chemical drain cleaner. Your best choice would be to reach out for a professional drain cleaning in Santa Ana provided by a trained plumber. Let us explain why.

What Professional Drain Cleaning Involves

When we mention professional drain cleaning, the service we are talking about is more than just a plumber showing up to take a plunger to your clogged drain. Chances are that you tried that before reaching out anyways. That is why you will be happy to hear that drain cleaning services are going to not only clear your drain of the immediate problem but also help prevent it from reappearing in the near future.

How is this possible? With the power of pressure–water pressure to be exact. When you schedule a drain cleaning with Sweetwater Plumbing, you’ll be met with a trained plumber who arrives with a hydro jet. This tool is about what you may guess it is–a tool that uses a highly pressurized jet of water to literally blast away the clog in your drains.

This is going to make things far easier in multiple ways. The first is that it will, of course, get rid of that pesky clog. The second is that it doesn’t stop there–it also gets rid of additional build-up in your drain, leaving them debris-free and reducing the risk of another clog forming for a good long while. On top of all that, if the clogging issue is deeper down in your sewer line, a hydro jet is still going to be an effective solution!

Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Aren’t What They Are Hyped to Be

We’ve covered why professional drain cleaning is a better option to address your drainage problems. Let us take a moment though to discuss why using chemical cleaners really isn’t all it is supposed to be. Chemical drain cleaners can restore some water flow in your drains but they won’t help for long. In many cases, they will eat away at some of the debris but leave most of it behind to cause problems again sooner than later. However, the chemical in that fluid will still eat away at other things…your pipes. Why use a chemical that provides a brief solution and harms your plumbing? It simply isn’t worth it!

If you are having drain clog problems, it is a great idea to contact Sweetwater Plumbing to resolve the issue. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job!

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