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In the Wake of the Storm, Check for Drainage Problems!

house-floodingSouthern California just went through a major torrential rainstorm. Although the relief from our drought is welcome, this storm weather caused a large amount of damage, with heavy street flooding and emergency services working overtime to rescue people trapped on roads and to fix the numerous downed power lines. (More than 116,000 customers lost electrical power.) Many flights in and out of the major airports were cancelled. Some places in Los Angeles County even had mandatory evacuations.

In others words, for Southern California, this is about as close to a tropical hurricane as we can experience!

We hope that you made it through the storm in relative security and that all of your family is safe. But you may not realize some of the damage that heavy rainfall like this can cause to your drainage system. With the storm finished, it’s a wise idea to check on your drains.

Drain Cleaning

Southern California homes, as well as their landscaping, are often ill-equipped to handle major downpours like what we just experienced. Large amounts of soil and dirt can be washed down into the storm drainage system, leading to blockage and backups. Once the storm is finished, look around your property at the various storm drains located on your lawn, patios, and other outdoor areas. You are likely to find leaves and dirt collecting around these drains. In some cases you can clear away the debris on your own and the drains will go back to normal. But if the drains severely back up, you will need to have professional plumbers on the job. If you don’t act on this, the backup can cause extensive further plumbing issues in your home.

You do not want to delay when it comes to caring for your drains if you suspect that something is wrong with them after the storm weather. We are experienced with handling drain and sewer cleaning in Riverside, CA and throughout Southern California—and you may need service for both!

Our plumbers can quickly determine the trouble’s affecting your home’s plumbing using the best technology, and then have the issues repaired. One of our best tools in cases like this is video camera inspection equipment. We’ll send a miniaturized camera down into your sewer lines and drains and find out where blockage has occurred. Using this information, we’ll determine the most effective and fast way to clear out the clog.

If you do need assistance with your drainage, until we arrive to assist, keep your water usage to a minimum and don’t run major water-using appliances such as the dishwasher or laundry machines.

Water Damage Restoration Services

We also offer another service that you made need, water damage restoration. If your home suffered from some level of flooding, you must have professionals handle the restoration service to remediate the water damage. This will ensure the damage is eliminated and structural problems and the growth of mold are eliminated.

No matter your drain and sewer needs, you can rely on the professionals at Sweetwater Plumbing. We are always open for business and are ready to come to your assistance when you need us.


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