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What’s the Best Way to Clear a Clogged Drain?

drain-with-chain-plugYou’re dealing with a clogged drain in Anaheim, CA or any of the other areas throughout Southern California that our expert plumbers serve. A clog isn’t the most unusual problem that can assault your plumbing. It’s probably the most common. But it’s still a hassle, and can sometimes bring your day to a halt. So what’s the best way to get rid of that aggravating clog? Let’s take a look at your options:

Liquid Drain Cleaners

Yes, we struck through this option. We want to make this clear, because although liquid drain cleaners are often the first resort for people dealing with clogged drains, they shouldn’t even be the last resort. No professional plumber recommends using these bottles of caustic chemicals (mostly lye) on drains for a number of reasons. One, they aren’t thorough and leave behind most of the residue in the pipes that created the clog in the first place. Two, they can cause damage to pipes, especially when they react with soap scum. Three, they’re highly toxic, and even the fumes can hurt you. Four, they’re terrible for the environment—we don’t want bottles with traces of these chemicals jamming up landfills, where they can poison water supplies and wildlife. Leave the bottles on the shelf, and instead reach for…

Basic Plungers

The plumber’s friend—or really the homeowner’s friend—the standard sink plungers are good tools to handle simple clogs, such as an object getting stuck down in the drain. They won’t do much for clogs from build-up, like hair and grease, however. Still, never hurts to try using one.

Hand-cranked Drain Snakes

A.k.a. drain augers. These are tools you can buy in any hardware store. They insert down a drain and then twist around to drill into clogs. They can pull out obstructions or open a drainage path. As with a plunger, they work well with more simple clogs, and are often effective at dealing with hair clogs. But they also aren’t thorough and may only temporarily open up the drain, leaving it slow and prone to further clogging.

Motorized Drain Snakes

A.k.a. rooters. Now we’re talking about some serious power for cleaning a drain, not only punching through a clog. However, motorized drain augers are not tools you can purchase and use on your own. Professionals must handle them to ensure they don’t damage the drain. This is the most common tool you’ll see licensed plumbers use when taking care of a tough drain clog.


This is the most powerful tool for drain cleaning around. A hydro-jetter can take care of any clog almost immediately, and when it comes to full drain cleaning, they’re superb at preventing clogging from coming back again. Hydro-jetting blasts high-pressure water against the walls of the drainpipe to fully scour it. Hydro-jetting is a specialized task, and you only want the best people for the job.

When you have a drain clog anywhere in your home that the plunger and the simple drain snake can’t solve, turn to us for professional drain cleaning using the best tools. We’ll check to see if there are problems deeper in your drainage system that may need to be solved as well.

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