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After the Holidays Is a Great Time for Drain Cleaning

The year 2017 is almost here (or maybe it is already here by the time you’re reading this), and that means it’s time for plans and resolutions. We have a good suggestion, something that’s not difficult to do and which is extremely beneficial right after the holiday season. It’s contacting us to arrange for professional drain cleaning services.

Why This Is a Good Time of the Year for Scheduling Drain Cleaning

There really isn’t a bad time for drain cleaning. We recommend homeowners have it done once a year to help keep the plumbing in good shape and keep away clogs.

But early January is an especially good time because the drains in your home have probably just gone through a strenuous period. The combination of visitors staying over and big holiday meals over the last two months means your drains do more work—the kitchen drains in particular. A large amount of fat and grease can go down kitchen drains at this time of year, and often things that shouldn’t go down them does. Your drains might have a thick layer of build-up on them at the start of the year, and that raises the chance that you’ll run into clogs in the near future.

Can’t I Do Drain Cleaning on My Own?

You can clear out simple clogs on your own using a plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake. But this isn’t “drain cleaning.” Using store-bought “drain cleaners” won’t do the job, either. In fact, these highly caustic chemicals can end up damaging the drainpipes.

For full drain cleaning that removes all the debris that can lead to clogging, you need professional plumbers. Our team uses the best motorized augers and hydro-jetting equipment to ensure a thorough job—and a problem-free 2017 for your drainpipes!

Sweetwater Plumbing serves Pomona, CA and the rest of Southern California. We don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job!

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