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4 Benefits of Drain Cleaning


Imagine if all of the drains in your home suddenly stopped. What would that do to your day-to-day tasks? You wouldn’t be able to get pretty much anything down that required the use of your home plumbing.

But clogs happen all the time. Maybe you are finding yourself thinking, “I can just dump some drain cleaning fluid down the sink and the problem is taken care of.” We are sorry to say this but that solution is temporary at best.

If you find yourself battling one or more drain clogs, you’ll need to get an appointment for drain cleaning in San Bernardino. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of this service.

What Drain Cleaning Does For You

Drain cleaning is a highly effective way to remove a clog in your drain. This service can also help leave the drains in a healthier conditioner and will help to remove all in the existing debris in the pipe, thereby preventing future clogs for a good long while.

Here’s how it works. You discover that you have an especially slow drain or a drain that is completely clogged. You want an effective solution to the issue that offers long-lasting benefits so you call our team to schedule drain cleaning. One of our team members arrives promptly and uses a hydro jet to clear the drain.

As the name suggests, this tool uses a high-pressure jet of water to break up and blast away the debris that is clogging your drain. It also gets rid of any other build-up that would lead to a clog in the near future.

The Key Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Not clear on how this service benefits you aside from dealing with the immediate clog? That’s okay! Let us clarify the perks:

  1. Addresses the cause of the smells coming from your drain.
  2. Clears away all of the debris, not just some of it, improving drainage overall.
  3. Improves the health of your drain lines and their overall lifespan.
  4. Can be used to prevent future problems or resolve current ones.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Hurt More Than They Help

You might hesitate over the idea of waiting for a professional to clear out your drains because it means a longer wait. After all, doesn’t a chemical drain cleaner provide an immediate solution?

Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners may seem to offer a quick solution but they don’t pay off in the long run. For starters, these chemicals usually only address some of the buildup in the drain, meaning they leave behind a lot of debris that can lead to clogs weeks or months down the road. Another problem they create is that they actually eat away at your drain pipe itself! Not to mention the fumes from the chemicals can be toxic to the people in your home.

It is easy to see why drain cleaning chemicals seem to provide a fast solution to your problem. However, it should be even easier to see that drain cleaning services are a far better option.

For reliable drain services, contact Sweetwater Plumbing. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! 

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