Sweetwater Plumbing Blog: Archive for October, 2017

How a Professional Plumber Fixes Slab Leaks

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

water-line-repairWe’ve talked before about slab leaks, one of the more difficult problems when it comes to residential plumbing, but we’ll go over them again to give you an idea what you (and our plumbers) are dealing with.

A slab leak is any pipe leak set down in granite or other hardscaping on a residential (or commercial) property. In most cases, when plumbers talk about slab leaks, they are specifically talking about leaks in the cold water and hot water pipes down in the foundation of a house, although pipes in slabs can be found elsewhere. Around 80% of slab leaks happen in hot water pipes, which expand with heat to abrade faster against the stones around them.

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Water Damage Restoration: What Can I Do On My Own?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

water-waveOne of the important services we provide in Southern California is water damage restoration. We provide this vital service for both homes and businesses. We do testing, disinfecting, personal belonging recovery, and temporary power. We’ll even work directly with your insurance company to remove as much stress from you as possible—you already have enough stress as it is when you’re dealing with large amounts of water damage on your property.

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Drain Cleaning: Why We Like Hydro-Jetting!

Monday, October 9th, 2017

tapwater-running-down-drainDrain cleaning is an important plumbing service for residential and commercial buildings. Drain clogs are common hassles everyone expects to run into at some point, and drain cleaning from professionals is the best way to get rid of the tougher of the clogs that don’t react to standard plungers. (Please never pour chemical “drain cleaners” down your drains! They don’t work well and can damage the drainpipe.)

But drain cleaning is also a great preventive measure for plumbing. Our plumbers use special equipment to clean the drainpipe walls of the build-up or organic material and minerals that eventually create clogs as well as increased pressure inside the pipes. There are a number of different tools we put to use to do this job, but the one we favor the most—both for homes and commercial buildings—is the hydro-jetter.

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