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What Are Modern Plumbing Pipes Made From?

Monday, April 24th, 2017

pcv-pipes-plumbingOver the history of indoor plumbing, the pipes carrying fresh water and waste water have been made from a variety of different materials. For many decades, clay, cast iron, and galvanized steel were the most common piping materials. But all of these have fallen out of use because of their tendency to break or corrode.

Today, when homes are looking to have full repiping done, it’s usually because the house was built in a time when steel pipes were still common—and those pipes are in danger of failure because of the effects of corrosion.

When you call on professional plumbers in Corona, CA for piping services, from small repairs to full whole-house repiping, what type of materials will they use? There are a number of different options available to the professional, and they’ll select the types that best fit the job. Here’s a look at the more common piping materials used for contemporary homes:

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My Bathroom Has Flooded! What Do I Do?

Monday, April 10th, 2017

leaking-pipeNo matter how many precautions we take in our homes, we can’t stop all accidents from occurring. And few household accidents are more alarming than when a pipe or valve breaks in the bathroom, causing water to flood into the room. It’s alarming, and the damage from it is extensive and difficult to repair. When you see flooding in your bathroom, you’ll probably be petrified for a moment and wonder what to do. And then… well, do you know what to do?

We’re here to help with plumbing repairs in Riverside, CA. Here’s some fast advice, followed by some long-term solutions.

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How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

question-mark-badgeYou’ve probably seen this sight before: large pieces of digging equipment parked on the lawn of a house, with a huge ugly ditch dug across the grass, through the garden, or even breaking apart a stone or brick walkway. Around the big orange machines is a scattering a pipe pieces. “Yep,” you think to yourself, “looks like another typical pipe replacement.” You shake your head and feel sorry for the poor folks who have to have this mess over their property in order to have a working sewer line.

But what if this happens to you? Shaking your head won’t do in that case. But you don’t have to have this ugly scene on your property. There is an advance in sewer line repair and replacement today that makes it much simpler. This “no-dig” technique is called trenchless technology. Not all plumbers have the equipment or training to do it—but we do!

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When a Minor Drain Clog Isn’t So Minor

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Here is a common misunderstanding we often encounter in our work as professional plumbers: homeowners who think a clogged drain is only a minor problem that doesn’t require assistance from a trained plumber. Sometimes, a drain clog is a small hassle and only needs the application of a plunger or a hand-crank drain snake to clear it out. This isn’t always the case though. What seems like a standard drain clog may be a symptom of a more serious problem.

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