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jay & h famliy's Profile Image
jay & h famliy, Last month
Alfredo Espiritu's Profile Image
Alfredo Espiritu, Last month

Plumber Freddy Lopez knew what to do. Estimated the cost fairly, reasonable and also direct to the point. Work professional and give advise after his assignment.

Raul Reyes's Profile Image
Raul Reyes, Last month
John Karpontinis's Profile Image
John Karpontinis, Last month
N P's Profile Image
N P, Last month

I like the fact that he didn't try to sell me on any thing that I didn't want done. We agreed on scope and he finished his work efficiently. Nice guy also..easy go talk with.

charmaine hepburn's Profile Image
charmaine hepburn, Last month

Luis Sisneros is a good listener and he allowed me to explain my concerns. Luis also showed sympathy towards my concerns, and he explained what his intentions are and how it would help to resolve my problem. Luis is a very professional, clean, polite gentleman, patient, respectful, and a dependable employee. Thank you Luis for doing a great job!

Maria Campos's Profile Image
Maria Campos, Last month
Marius Lucan's Profile Image
Marius Lucan, Last month

In less than 2 hours after i have called, they have sent Mr. Luis who was very polite and helpful and fixed our problem right away. I highly recommend this company and the price was very affordable too!!! 7 stars out of 7

Sally Lem's Profile Image
Sally Lem, Last month

Sweetwater Plumbing has Ruben as a plumbing technician, he is the best, he is a pro, he knows what he is doing and straight to the point and get things done properly and quickly. I always ask for him every time I call Sweetwater plumbing.

My water bill went sky rocking. the water company called and suggest there might be a leak, I need a pro to detect a leak and Ruben found it.

Kim Scott Zeno's Profile Image
Kim Scott Zeno, Last month

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